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Collaboration Tools

Powerful cloud based collaboration
tools enable developers to code
simultaneously in real-time on the
same project

No more fragmentation nightmares
from new OS updates and new device

Use JavaScript with
Single Codebase and
Remote Code Update

Develop native iOS and Android apps
just using JavaScript with AutoComplete
One project to manage, one code to test

Cross-Platform Native

Write your own plugins.
Integrate existing SDKs.
Built-in enterprise plugins.

iOS & Android
Emulators and Debugging

On-device Android & iOS emulators with
full debugging features. Run your app
instantly on any device

Native iOS and Android app development with continuous lifecycle management.

Extensible with

100% Native Output

Update Native Apps Remotely

Always deliver the latest and the best user experience.

Any remotely hosted JavaScript code can be run dynamically within the app and changes can be done on the fly without the need for resubmitting the app to the stores.

Built for Enterprises with Enterprises

Smartface is more than an iOS and Android native mobile application development tool.

Smartface is a fully featured enterprise mobility management platform that reduces costs, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions.

Why Smartface?

Fast & Efficient Development

  • Cloud-based Development Environment
  • JavaScript Code Editor in the Browser
  • iOS/Android On-Device Emulators
  • Web Know-How is Adequate

Easy & Ready
to Use

  • Remote JavaScript Support
  • Update Native Apps Remotely
  • Network Component Wizards
  • Ready to Use Libraries


  • Single Codebase
  • On Device Debugging
  • Auto Memory Management
  • Auto Concurrency Management

Compatible and Extensible

  • Enterprise-ready
  • Fragmentation-free
  • Plugin Support
  • Advanced Security

Developer Center

Smartface Development Made Easy

Developers, this is your place for all your Smartface support and documentation needs.

  • Community support
  • Guides and API docs
  • Sample projects.