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How to Keep Up with the Fast-Moving World of Mobility and Adapt to Fragmentation with Productivity

Mobile apps are getting increasingly short-lived. In B2C (consumer) apps, this is more visible like the Flappy Bird case, but B2E (employee) and B2B (business) apps are also short-lived for various reasons. New versions of operating systems and new generation devices are being released so fast that it’s not always possible to catch up, especially […]

Wireless Mobile App Debugging with Smartface Cloud IDE

While Smartface Cloud is more than just about development with the mobile app lifecycle management features, the Cloud IDE is one of the most notable parts of the Smartface Cloud platform. It is a full-featured development environment that runs in the cloud with unique features like easy and powerful collaboration similar to online document editing […]

A Web Browser is All You Need to Develop Native iOS and Android Apps on any Platform with Smartface Cloud IDE

With Smartface Cloud, you can develop native iOS and Android apps, just with JavaScript and manage their lifecycle end-to-end, all in the cloud, within the comfort of your browser. Our development module, Smartface Cloud IDE, runs right in your browser, no installation or setup needed to start developing native iOS and Android apps. The Cloud […]

Removing Boundaries with Collaborative Coding in Smartface Cloud

In today’s world, enterprises are getting just more than multilocational, they are getting location-free with employees working from anywhere from the world. However, traditional development environments tend to lag to adapt to the new ways of working. For the new ways of working without boundaries, the solution is in the cloud. Cloud is not only […]

Smartface Cloud: The Next Generation of Enterprise Mobility

We are happy to announce that our next generation product Smartface Cloud is live. Smartface Cloud facilitates mobile transformation with enterprise mobility in the cloud. You can register for free at https://cloud.smartface.io and start using it right away. No download or setup is necessary and it is free for a lifetime. You can quickly start […]

Highlights and Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2016

Another Mobile World Congress passed by with exciting announcements and updates. Even though we saw more smartphone announcements than last year, MWC 2016 was more than just “smartphones and wearable devices”. Wearables were actually nowhere to be seen and virtual reality devices and technologies took the stage; followed by connected devices, whether it is a […]

Developing Native Salesforce SDK Apps with Smartface

With the plugin support in Smartface, it is possible to implement any native SDK in Smartface apps. and as an example and the first of many, we would like to introduce the Salesforce native iOS and Android plugin for Smartface. You can find more information about native plugin support in our previous article “Extending Smartface […]

Extending Smartface with Native iOS and Android Plugins

Smartface plugin interface is now open to all users, including the free Community license. Everyone can create their own native Objective-C and Java plugins for Smartface App Studio. The possibilities to extend your Smartface apps are now endless. Smartface is a JavaScript based cross-platform native framework and it already provides a JavaScript interface to native […]