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Develop iOS 9 Compatible Native Apps with Smartface

iOS 9 release date is on September 16 with many changes and new features for both users and developers. Get ready for developing apps for iOS 9 with Smartface. The new Smartface release provides day-one support for iOS 9. Notable changes in iOS 9 include: New and revamped Apple apps such as News and […]

Tips and Tricks with Smartface for Mobile App Development

This week, we present you a small but useful mobile development tips and tricks to facilitate mobile development process and enhance your mobile applications.   1. Faster Android virtual device emulation with Genymotion While developing mobile applications, especially for Android, we need a variety of devices that offer different screen sizes. This necessity is a […]

Smartface Architecture for Native iOS and Android Development with Single JavaScript Codebase

Smartface is a native cross-platform JavaScript interpreter framework for iOS and Android. The framework consists of two main elements: Run-Time Engine and Desktop IDE. The IDE is Windows-based and has no dependency on Mac for iOS testing and debugging, meaning that whole iOS development can be done on Windows. Run-time engine is explained below in […]

15 Frequently Asked Questions about Smartface

Here we present you the 15 most frequently asked questions about Smartface from our community and from our enterprise customers. You can find answers to business-related and technical questions.   What kind of mobile applications can you develop with Smartface? Why should I choose Smartface? How do you handle operating system and device differences and […]

Developer’s Guide to Mobile App Security in 8 Steps

As per popular demand, we are back with yet another article about security. Regardless of which framework, mobile operating system or methodology you use for mobile application development, security is a critical issue. Like iOS and Android, different mobile platforms may have different tools and solutions for security, but the main questions are the same. […]

30 Highlights and Takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2015

Last week, we were at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona and we would like to share with you the highlights and the key takeaways of this year’s show for both our individual mobile developers and our enterprise customers. We walked more than 12 miles (20 km) every day to scour the every corner of […]

Smartface App Studio 4.3 Released

In our major release of Smartface App Studio 4.3, we are announcing a great deal of new features for you to keep up with the fast changing world of mobility.

We listen to our community and besides releasing highly requested new features, we streamlined the installation process, especially for external components. (.NET Framework, iTunes, JDK 7, Android SDK and Node.js)

Jump-start Your Shift to Enterprise Mobility in 10 Steps

Being an enterprise usually means having a behemoth system to manage all of the complex and integrated processes. In the age of desktop computing, it was possible to cram everything into a “desktop application” and notebooks were sufficient for enterprise mobility. However, in the age of mobile enterprise, there is still need for large, centralized […]