Removing Boundaries with Collaborative Coding in Smartface Cloud

In today’s world, enterprises are getting just more than multilocational, they are getting location-free with employees working from anywhere from the world. However, traditional development environments tend to lag to adapt to the new ways of working. For the new ways of working without boundaries, the solution is in the cloud.

Cloud is not only about backend systems or web services, just as you can run any app in the cloud, you can also run your development environment in the cloud.

Smartface Cloud Development module (the Cloud IDE) is a full-featured native iOS and Android application development environment in the cloud. It offers you all the features that you can get from a desktop based IDE while taking full advantage of the cloud based structure.

With the unique collaboration feature in Smartface Cloud Development module, you can share projects with anyone and work together without boundaries.

The collaborative coding mode makes teamwork in mobile application development as simple as working with an online document editor just like Google Docs:


You have the option to share the project as read-only mode if you want to showcase your project or you can share it in read/write mode if you want to code on the same mobile application development project in real-time without any limits. All the collaborators need is a modern browser.

With You can chat during development, locate and view each other’s cursors and open files, see any coding in real-time (even on the same line), use Run on Device and Publish features and even share the terminal.

Thanks to the power of the cloud, you can start developing native mobile apps right in your browser (collaboratively) and manage their lifecycle end-to-end.

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