Welcome to Smartface App Studio 4.2.0

Smartface Inc. Welcomes You New Smartface App Studio 4.2.0 Release!

There are lots of new features coming with Smartface App Studio 4.2.0 release, however biggest feature implentation is debugging. You can use on device debugging option with any iOS and Android device with App Studio. Yes, with any iOS device at all!

Also we’ve added one of most valuable native component, NavigationBar for iOS and ActionBar for Android. We believe NavigationBar or ActionBar components implentation will make your apps better, faster and shows that it’s native. Maybe more than that 🙂




But not just that! Please have a look for other features and bug fixes here…

Community is Everything for Smartface and It’s Growing!

Smartface App Studio released for community just 3 months ago, however we’ve been reaching 100 developer per week. This is an unique number of developers! We’ve visited more than 20 universities and attended 12 events as sponsor and/or presentation in 3 months. Approximately 5k people experienced Smartface App Studio.

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I’m* On My Way (Busy May)

We’ll be at Linz, Austria for codefront.io. Come and join us at 10th May.



After that, visiting Ankara, Turkey for Android Developer Day. Come and join us at 16-17 May. Let’s drink tea 🙂




And last, we’re proud to be sponsor of world’s biggest JavaScript Conference this year! We’ll be at Florida for JSConf US 2014. Come and join us at 28-30 May. Let’s drink coffee 🙂



See you around,